Salaam Bombay, Florence, Italy
Salaam Bombay is located just west of the train station, at viale Fratelli Rosselli, 45 r, is one of my favorite of the growing number of Indian cuisine restaurants in Florence. The food is great and I like the atmosphere! We have been a couple of times and used a groupon deal, which lets you sample many of the food items. We have found all to be very good, and the service is excellent.
Salaam Bombay, Florence, Italy

Salaam Bombay, Florence, ItalyIMG_5565
Indian food can be spicy which I love. I often crave spicy food living here in Italy, because Italians don’t eat many things with strong spice. It is also amusing to watch the other diners which are usually Italian. Their reactions to the unusual and spicy food are priceless!






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I just came back from a trip to the USA to visit my parents and my sons. What a whirlwind trip! First of all, if you’ve never used and there “multi-city” option, keep it in mind! This trip took me from Florence to New York, New York to Nashville, Nashville to San Francisco, and then returned to Florence from San Francisco. The cost of all of these flights was 722 euro, or about $800!

I usually visit the States in February or March to insure the best rates. In the past, the flights have not been so crowded, but this time, they were full! If you are flying International and have the opportunity to fly on a European airline instead of an American one, I highly suggest that you take that option. European airlines have better food, allow you to drink alcoholic beverages including wine with your meal and for snacks free, and just seem to have it together better these days. I wouldn’t say that has always been true, but I am finding that it is now.

New York is always a treat. It has played a big part in my life and my families because we visited there frequently when we lived in the Washington DC area. Now my son, Nick lives in Brooklyn. This time when I visited him, we strolled through Brooklyn sampling the cocktails in a variety of places, visiting the farmer’s market in McLaren Park, eating bagels of course, and even made it to the Broadway show, Wicked.

Next stop Nashville, where oddly enough, I encountered two days of snow. Thankfully it came and went quickly and didn’t slow us down at all. I had a wonderful visit with my parents, did some shopping, lunches where I got my fill of Mexican food, visited my all time favorite masseuse Helga, and went to the movies.




The flight to San Francisco from Nashville was a long one, with a connection in Charlotte. I arrived Friday evening and we had wonderful fresh seafood for dinner. Saturday was filled with incredible activities with my son Will and daughter-in-law Anne like visiting Twin Peaks, The Japanese Tea Garden, Coit Tower, and eating my first Burmese food at Burmese Superstar.








Returning to Florence is always exciting for me and this time was no exception! Home sweet home after a wonderful trifecta vacation.