Even though I will always be a sucker for sunsets, this year, I was also captured by the moon. The moon and the stars seem so much closer in Florence and I always say that it’s because it is so close to heaven! Being the night owl that I am, I have a lot of opportunity to see the moon.

This year, Mother Nature offered us a few extra special moons with the Super Moon and the Blue Moon. Whatever you call it, there is nothing like being under the Tuscan moon!

I go here often to browse and see what there is that I can’t live without. Located at via dello Studio, 8 in the shadow of the Duomo, this little gourmet grocery store is a treat to visit.
It has been in business since 1860 and is opened from 9:30-7:30 Monday through Saturday and 11-7 on Sunday.

If you are visiting Florence, this is a great place to find things to take home as souvenirs, or that you might need for picnics, late night snacks or drinks in your room, etc. Also, they have some of those hard to find items like peanut butter and taco mix, if you happen to live here!

While quite the gourmet shop in appearance and cost, you will find almost everything you need here, except fresh produce. They have a candy counter, a full line of liquor and wines, a deli counter, and all types of toiletries. A wonderful place to browse, I wish they served samples! Check it out sometime when you are near the Duomo.

They also have a small online store…mostly wine…just the important stuff.

Caffe’Letterario and Le Murate are one of the coolest places in town! Opened in September of 2011, the caffe’ occupies one of the oldest structures in the historical center of Florence. Located within these walls, which used to be a prison are residents, galleries, cafes and more.

Caffe’ Letterario frequently has music and programs in the evening, or shows soccer games on a big screen TV, which is always well attended and fun.

Located just off of via dell’ Agnolo, they are opened everyday from 9-1 and on the weekends 11-1. You can see their schedule for events here.