An American in Italy

Cathedral of Santo Stefano, Prato, Italy This program started in 2015 and we went to almost all of the itineraries. This year, there are...

IMG_3370 After a visit to the Uffizi with my Art History Class, Ben and I were inspired to take a trip to Prato to see...

IMG_4391 Poggio a Caiano is a small town located about 6 miles outside of Prato.

That’s Prato is back in business with several new itineraries!

IMG_2381 I am spending a lot of time in Prato this summer.

IMG_2234 Prato hosted the XVI Edition of Di Vini Profumi in the Giardino Buonamici.

IMG_1757 Prato has an 800 year (beginning of the 12th century) history of producing textiles.

IMG_1733 In another That’s Prato tour, I visited the Museo Soffici of Poggio a Caiano.

IMG_0899 “That’s Prato” is a new program started by the Prato Board of Tourism to increase awareness and tourism in the Prato area.

IMG_1424 We went to Prato to see a photographic exhibit and stumbled upon a large beer festival!

This exhibit just started on September 13 in Prato’s Palazzo Pretorio and runs until January 13th.

I visited Prato to see the Lippi Exhibit, and decided to tour the rest of the town again while...