An American in Italy

IMG_2739 It won't be long now before it will be time to start the Fall Art History class with Elaine Ruffolo.

In just a few short weeks, the Art History Course, Masterpieces and Monuments will start up again. It’s one of the things that make the winter months wonderful in Florence. Enjoying...

img_9636 Ai Weiwei Libero is running at the Palazzo Strozzi until January 22, 2017. I suggest you drop everything you are doing and go...

I always say that Florence reveals itself in layers. There is so much to see that your senses can’t take...

img_8440 Castello Buonconsilgio is the most important castle in the Trentino region.

img_8373 The Palazzo Pretorio was the residence of the Bishops until the 1250’s.

IMG_4358 The Masterpiece and Monuments class taught by Elaine Ruffolo, Art History Professor at Syracuse University here in Florence will start in just a few...

Permesso di Soggiorno You might have noticed that I had gone silent about the Carte di Soggiorno.

Tessera Sanitaria-Italia In 2007, I wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal about my decision to move to Italy.

IMG_2837 The museum of San Marco, located in the Piazza San Marco and next door to the church of the same name is often an...

IMG_4829 Dustin Hoffman, age 78, is on the set in Florence filming a new television drama series called, The Medici: Masters of Florence.

IMG_4749 I live just around the corner from the French Consulate in Florence.

DSCN2092 On Tuesday, November 10, Pope Frances visited Florence!

That’s Prato is back in business with several new itineraries!

IMG_4160 This is one of the most beautiful and romantic bridges in Venice, the Bridge of Sighs or, in Italian, Ponte dei Sospiri.

IMG_3697 Every time I go to the USA, I find things that are “startling”.

IMG_3487 There is still time to get out to the Cascine Park and enjoy music, great food, and a fun atmosphere.

Ok, well, I am starting down a new document path. A unfortunately large part of living in another country. My Permesso di Soggiorno will expire on August 28th, 2015. Because I...

IMG_4674 Every April 25th, Italy celebrates Liberation Day.

IMG_0300 I finally got to visit the Vasari Corridor.

IMG_0269 This exhibit is going now at the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights located on via Ghibellina, 12, now through May...

IMG_3092 Florence is a city full of universities.

IMG_4986 Recently, from March 13-19, the tower of the Palazzo Vecchio was illuminated with red lights which shined like a beacon throughout the city.

At the British Institute I attended a discussion of John Hooper about his new book, The Italians.