An American in Italy

IMG_2739 It won't be long now before it will be time to start the Fall Art History class with Elaine Ruffolo.

Using the bus in any city might seem like an easy thing, but really, it takes some knowledge and...

IMG_1188 Well, 30 days past pretty quickly and now it’s time for the second step of the limoncello making process.

There are hundreds of travel books and catalogs and it can be overwhelming trying to choose one. I recommend the...

img_9955 I remember as a child helping my grandmother make jelly.

The tourist season is upon us and every year, Americans hit the roads in Tuscany.

20151116_144138 (1) The first time I wrote about Tuscany Plein Air was last September during its initial launch which was a great success.

The Amici degli Uffizi card was a real treat when I first moved to Florence!

Now more than ever it is important to vote.

Health Insurance 2014 I get a lot of questions about health insurance.

Permesso di Soggiorno You might have noticed that I had gone silent about the Carte di Soggiorno.

IMG_4751 I have talked a lot about driving in Italy, but not much about parking which might even be more frustrating and one of the...

IMG_4719 I recently attended a bookmaking workshop!

IMG_4378 Maybe you haven’t noticed the changes at Santa Maria Novella Train Station!

IMG_3669 This is a great combination for a lunch with the ladies, a light dinner or a brunch with friends!

IMG_2036 This event happens twice a year, once in the Spring and then again in the Fall.

flags Today is my five year anniversary in Florence.

IMG_2946 If you haven’t heard, the heat in Florence has been record breaking this year!

IMG_2920 I've been making limoncello at home!

IMG_2856 If you haven’t heard, the heat in Florence has been unbearable.

Whose dream was it to have more, bigger, better than everyone else? That dream has turned into a...

IMG_2179 Getting to Belgium from Florence is pretty easy!

Ok, well, I am starting down a new document path. A unfortunately large part of living in another country. My Permesso di Soggiorno will expire on August 28th, 2015. Because I...

Corsi di italiano pe straineri I think if you decide to live in another country, a part of your responsibility is to learn the language.