An American in Italy

The Spring vegetables are coming in, and boy are they delicious! I don’t want to spend a lot of time...

This is a delicious and extremely easy recipe! Just my style.

These are cheap and delicious.

With the warm weather, my thoughts turn to the wonderful ingredients of Spring, like fresh basil and...

In my exploration of vegetables, I rediscovered Brussel Sprouts. My son had told me last year that he had been...

. The Herbal Amaro is finally ready and I’ve bottled it.

Yes, I am cooking a lot lately! The weather has turned cold, and there are so many new things to...

Cavolo Nero, or Black Cabbage, a vegetable similar to Kale in the USA and is my latest vegetable find and gastronomic...

The Herbal Amaro (recipe located here) is now resting in the second stage.

This couldn’t be easier or taste better!

img_9955 I remember as a child helping my grandmother make jelly.

img_9783 This recipe is from my fellow traveler lovers and authors of Little Roads Europe travel guides, Zeneba Bowers and Matt Walker.

You might have noticed I have slowed down on my recipe entries lately. That’s because in this hot weather, it...

Traditional Tiramisu is made with eggs, and since I am allergic, I can’t eat it. Always enterprising, I...

Sangria is a wine punch typical of Spain and Portugal.

IMG_6284 We just bottled our new batches of Limoncello and Arancino!

Maybe everyone in the world has made this before but me.

Don't turn your nose up because there is no meat! Try it, you'll like it!

This dish can be prepared in less than 10 minutes! It’s fabulous!

My Italian teacher, Patrizia Scarpelli gave me this recipe.

IMG_4982 I really miss the flavor of Mexico!

IMG_3669 This is a great combination for a lunch with the ladies, a light dinner or a brunch with friends!

IMG_3490 I am still enjoying the wonderful summer tomatoes and the last of two giant basil plants that I purchased in May.

Who knew that making this at home could be so easy and seem so much healthier?