Caffe’ Ricchi-Santo Spirito

Caffe’ Ricchi used to be my “everyday haunt” for my morning coffee and pastry. Located in Santo Spirito it was usually my first stop on my daily rounds. Now that I don’t live in the area, I only make it over once or twice per week, and this is where I get the fabulous cheesecake. The caffe is located about midway in the piazza, and has sandwiches, gelato, coffee, and small appertivo, some primi piatti for lunch that are good and reasonable prices, and a cute little dining room with some of the greatest images of Santo Spirito around!The photos speak for themselves around the quality and variety of foods. The tabbachi shop next door sells tiles of the images of Santo Spirit and also magnets which make great gifts. Try it! Maybe I will see you there!

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