Eating in Belgium

The food in Belgium is right up my alley! Belgium, which is close to the sea, takes full advantage of the delightful seafood there! The food has a distinctive, French flair, but fewer sauces, and not so pretentious! The frites, (french fries) which accompany many dishes or are eaten as a meal by themselves and usually served with mayonnaise. I love them with Moules, or mussels. Moules and Frites are served in every restaurant with a variety of cooking styles. I had them steamed in Pernod, with Roquefort, and with tomatoes and garlic. I don’t think you can go wrong with these luscious bivalves. It is considered the National Dish of Belgium.

Another delicious dish is called Waterzooi. It is a cream based, broth filled stew with vegetables and chicken or fish. Yummy!
Every country seems to have some variation of fried cheese and the one in Bruges was delicious.
Like the French, the pastries are to die for. Tall and filled with cream, there are pastry stores everywhere!

Beer goes great with the Mussels and fries, but the wines are French which are world renown themselves. For the carnivores, there is Steak and Frites and all types of game like rabbit, hare and venison.
This dish is a steamed salmon with a creamed leek sauce. As you can see Chocolate Mousse and Creme Brulee (both French desserts) were on all the menus.


The coffee culture in Belgium is very different from Italy! The cost of a cup of coffee and the type of coffee is more in line with American coffee, although a much stronger brew (probably French). They serve it on a small try with a cookie, or other sweet, sometimes a piece of chocolate, and usually a liqueur of some type.


I think you will be delighted with the culinary scene in Belgium. I sure was!

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