I visited Fiesole again one Spring afternoon to enjoy a bottle of wine at the overlook high above Florence. Fiesole is a 20 minute bus ride away and is on the opposite side of the city from the Piazzale Michelangelo. Because of the altitude, make sure to go on a clear day because the haze and pollution from Florence can obscure the view pretty quickly.
Fiesole has a lovely piazza in the middle of the town flanked by a community center, some outdoor cafes, and the Duomo. The Duomo is not much to look at inside or out, but the monastery and museum at the top of the hill along with the view is worth the climb. There is also a large museum of Roman ruins there which is phenomenal. Don’t miss it. (More on that later!)

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  1. I adore Fiesole. I spent a day there when I was in Italy several years ago, and it is hands down my favorite spot in Italy thus far. I took the bus from Florence on a Saturday to see the vendors in the main piazza in the morning. Then I wandered around for a bit, and stopped in a small grocery to buy some items for a picnic lunch, and found this delightful bakery with the most delicious cookies I have ever tasted. (I initially bought two to go with my lunch, which I ate on the little park off to the left, the one overlooking Florence, on the climb up the the monastery. They were so delicious that when I returned from the monastery, I went straight to the bakery and bought all the cookies they had [of that kind] to take back to Florence to share with my classmates. The people in the bakery looked at me like I was crazy, and no one spoke English, and my Italian was very rudimentary, so it made for an interesting exchange.) I didn’t go into the Roman ruins museum (I got there maybe 15 mins before they closed), but I spent several hours exploring the ruins–I had managed to find an audio walking tour somewhere.

    If I were to move to Italy, I would want to live in Fiesole.

    • I take part of that back, I DID go to the museum… I just read your next post, and saw the picture of the museum, and I remember going inside and looking around. There was SOMETHING that I missed seeing in Fiesole, because it closed earlier than I expected. I’m thinking now that maybe it was the Palazzo Comunale? Hmmm…

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