Spring has come to Florence! Of course the calendar marks it, and the spring winds are blowing, the temperatures rising, and the students have descended upon the city. Everywhere you can see spring flowers, the terraces opening, people picnicking in the piazzas and parks, and taking in the warm Spring sun. I have my Spring herbs planted in my window garden.

The days are getting longer, but the clock doesn’t change until March 27th. Already it is after 6:30 before the sun is down! Time for a trip to the Boboli Gardens!
It’s a wonderful time of year in Florence, but aren’t they all. I am on the look out for all the Spring produce…strawberries, asparagus,artichokes, raddichio, peas, fava beans, and carrots!

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    • The best months not to visit are June-August. It is so crowded you cannot move in the sidewalks and the museums are crowded and hot. My favorite time of year is October. The weather is usually still nice, some of the tourists have gone and the light is fabulous. Nov-January is for me, as a resident here, the absolute best time because the city is empty and lovely and the residence can move around in peace.

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