Tuscany Plein Air-A Painting Vacation Anyone?

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The first time I wrote about Tuscany Plein Air was last September during its initial launch which was a great success. This year’s offerings can be found on their website at www.tuscanypleinair.com.

Tuscany Plein Air is a new concept in teaching landscape painting to artists, both experienced and beginning. The workshops take place in some of the most comfortable and well located villas in Tuscany.
TPA garden2-2479
Located within 5 minutes walk of a small village with restaurant and bar, the villa itself has the feel of a large comfortable hunting lodge with many spacious rooms, fireplaces and social areas. A beautifully designed garden with an al-fresco dining table on the terrace connects to a lower terrace with swimming pool. A perfect location for an early morning dip or outdoor evening meals. There is wifi throughout and a large dining and kitchen area. For non painting partners, the museums, restaurants, social and cultural gems of the city of Florence are within easy reach with regular, inexpensive public transport close to the villa.
Capturing nature in one sitting is very much about process and artist participants don’t have to be highly skilled in drawing. An attention to detail, love of color and empathy with nature are huge advantages. The principles which underline Tuscany Plein Air come from the modern classic realist art schools of Florence.

Artists directing the workshops are highly skilled and experienced and they consider themselves as guides as well as teachers. Emphasis will be placed on method and the workshops show you how to paint in a step by step manner.
Lemon Tree. Giovani's garden
The villa has a viewing platform and this is where many of our demonstrations will take place. Early morning and late evening provide quiet different aerial perspectives especially when there is a distant mist in the valleys. This is where our viewing platform will come into its own. You can start painting early while sipping a fresh hot coffee or finish with a glass of wine in the evening.
Giovanis garden oct 11th 2014
Doesn’t it sound divine?

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  1. Loved the videos – definately got my hopes for a pleing air trip to you !

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