Botticelli’s Tomb

I live just a few doors down from one of my favorite churches in Florence, Ognissanti. Now that I walk past there every day, I often stop in to take a look at some of the things that make it my favorite place. Today I stopped in to pay my respects to the great artist Botticelli. Some of his most famous paintings are in the Uffizi and are world famous, The Birth of Venus, and Primavera.

Botticelli’s tomb is a small round disc on the floor in the family chapel of the woman who modeled for these two famous paintings. I have read that although Botticelli was gay, he fell in love with Simonetta Vespucci who was the wife of his neighbor and one of the most beautiful and beloved women in Florence.

Simonetta died at the age of 22, and it took Botticelli nine years to complete the painting of her in The Birth of Venus. Botticelli died 34 years after Simonetta, but his wish was to be buried at her feet, which was granted.

To find the tomb, go up onto the floor where the alter is an turn right. It is in the first chapel on the right.

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