Spring Plant Sale at the Horticulture Garden

This event happens twice a year, once in the Spring and then again in the Fall. This Fall the event will be held the first weekend of October. This garden sale has been a Florence tradition since 1885 although not always held in this location. It is a wonderful place to buy plants for your house, garden or balcony, or just to walk and look and take in the fresh spring air and beautiful color. The setting is really beautiful and if you are a fan of plants and flowers, you should visit, even if you aren’t planning on buying.


The Garden of Horticulture is located on via Bolognese. It is a lovely shaded park with many different types of trees, a playground, some sculptures, benches, a loggia, and the beautiful art deco glass green house.



There are many different types of plant species and flowers available for purchase. Some of course you will be familiar with, but others I’ve never seen before and are specific to the Mediterranean area.



The garden sale is opened everyday from 9-7 and entrance is free. You can find out more at their site: www.societatoscanaorticultura.it

6 Comments on “Spring Plant Sale at the Horticulture Garden

  1. So lovely, Karen! I intend to visit while I’m there. It will be pleasant inside even though it will be cold outside, I suspect!

  2. Beautiful plants, but it is a long ride to get them! Beautiful pictures…

  3. Thanks, Karen. We really enjoyed going to this last year. We purchased a hydrangea just like the ones in your lovely photo. Along with our other purchases we had quite a time fitting everything into our taxi ride home! Hope all is going well in the U.S., we’re sending you love and good thoughts!

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