Le Pavoniere-Pool at Cascine

If you haven’t heard, the heat in Florence has been record breaking this year! That’s not something to brag about either! I can really imagine Dante’s Inferno with temperatures over 100 many days, and the humidity almost as high. I’m always on the lookout for places to be cool. Le Pavoniere is one of those places! It’s located at Le Cascine, and is a short bike ride away. When we get to the park, we get to start our cool down on the path under the amazing trees. My spirit lifts immediately when I’m breathing in the green!


We aren’t the only ones needing to cool down, so we try to arrive early and leave late. The pool is crowded, but because it is Olympic size, there is always space to move around in the water. I like that there is no “kiddie pool”, so not many babies around. There is a more shallow section that is separated off, but it’s at least 3 feet, so the number of children are limited as well making it really a mostly adult crowd.


There is a nice and reasonable bar with salads, sandwiches, pizza and cold drinks and gelato available. The pool is opened from 10-7 and then closes until 8 when it reopens for an Aperitivo. Entry and a drink costs 8 euro in August, and it stays open until 12. It seems there is music there and another bigger restaurant but we haven’t tried out the evening activities.

There is a lot of space around the pool including a fenced are further out where you can have more privacy. There are trees for shade if you want and the breezes and temps seem a lot cooler than in the city. The cost during the week is 8 euro for entry and 4 for a chair. On weekends the cost of entry goes up to 10 euro. It’s well worth the price, and a lot cheaper than air conditioning in Italy!

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