Painting Tuscany

She woke up to a crisp autumn day with golden sunlight filtered by a little fog that hung over the hill top. She pushed back the covers and went to the window. The city of Florence lay below a light veil of fog and she saw the Duomo off in the distance. She dressed excitedly and walked through the Tuscan villa to join the others who were quietly drinking coffee, and eating fresh fruit and pastries in the garden.



She set up her easel and began to paint the dusty green and silver leaves of the olive grove which led down the hill, where Florence lay awakening in the golden September sunlight.


Sound like a dream? Well, I am all about following your dreams and this one is just waiting for you to make it happen. Some friends of mine here in Florence, following their own dreams, have set up an artist’s retreat for painting “in plein air” or outside as us non artists might call it, while you are vacationing in Florence.





They have located the most incredible villa, which just fits every piece of your imagination for what a Tuscan Villa might be like. Located only a short distance from Florence, once you are there, it seems miles away from the hustle and bustle and wrapped in serenity. There is a long narrow drive to the top of the hill were it is located. It was built in the 15th century but has been restored, keeping all the historical details in mind, but with all the modern conveniences. When you arrive at the Villa, having passed tall cedars, persimmon trees, olive groves and grapevines, the views surrounding you are stunningly beautiful. The Duomo looms in the distance.



Every room of the villa has been thoughtful decorated and you will instantly feel at home. The grounds are spectacular and in September, will be ripe with the summer foliage, warm days and cool evenings. Can you imagine staying in a Tuscan villa, painting incredible landscapes and scenery from the Villa as well as other historic and scenic points around Florence for a week with the 3 of them as your artistic guides? Well if this is your dream, my friends can help you make it come true. Their first session will begin September 12. There will be more sessions in 2016 and ahead, if this year doesn’t fit your schedule.






Luckily I was able to ride up to the villa with them located only a short distance from Florence to see the venue and take some photos. Wow! They have chosen the perfect spot to inspire anyone! What a wonderful way to visit Florence and to paint to your heart’s content. You can find out about the details of the retreat here at their site


Enjoy the photos I was able to take while visiting the villa. I definitely felt inspired! Oh, and don’t forget my mantra “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life that you imagined.” Henry David Thoreau. My friends have, and you can too!

3 Comments on “Painting Tuscany

  1. Gosh, such a lovely post! I wish I were a painter to be able to take advantage of it! xo

  2. Ideal. . . I know a couple (one a painter)-
    Who travel the world,. . .To Whom This Villa & The Beautiful Gifts of Beauty, . . .This would be Ideal. **I’d even love to inhale for awhile,… HOW VERY BEAUTIFUL !!! **MUST Share with Them, & The Rest of the World. . .So Very Beautiful. Words Alone Cannot Express!!—Ahh.
    Great “Pleasure” comes to mind!!

  3. WOW! I don’t paint, but I sure to understand limencello! LOL! We are visiting Lucca and Florence in April, and can not wait to get back there. As a fellow “Southerner”, I find that the weather is perfect for our visits each year in May and November. Maybe we can connect for a glass of wine if you are there?
    Take care! Love your blog.

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