The Academy of Georgofili

The Academy was established in 1753 and is located at the West side of the Uffizi near the arch. It originated from the need to improve utilization of the soil and improve agricultural production.It wasn’t used for many exhibitions of note and on May 27, 1993, a Fiat filled with explosive devices went off, killing 5 people and wounding 48 others.
Last year celebrated the 20th anniversary of the bombing and a new memorial was place near the long time memorial of the Olive Tree.IMG_5325IMG_5326

A free exhibit entitled Terre di Toscana Pistoia e Dintorni is there through April 30th and entrance to the exhibit is free from 3-6. It is a historical documentary on the territory of Pistoia. Pistoia is a very interesting little town just outside of Florence and I one of my favorites!

The exhibit includes historical facts, maps, photographs and many interesting things. It’s free, check it out!

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