Dante’s Church

The tiny church of Santa Margherita, located on via Santa Margherita just off of Piazza Cimitori is called Dante’s church because it is said to be where he first met the love of his life Beatrice, as well as where he married his wife, Gemma Donati.
Beatrice Portinari was known to have been the muse of Dante Alighieri. He writes of Beatrice in his most famous work, The Divine Comedy.Beatrice is buried in the church and there is a marker commemorating her life.The church is tiny and not easy to find, but if you go to the House of Dante and follow the small street that runs down the side of it, you will see it under the eve of the right before you go through the arch. It is opened from 8:30-12:30 and 5-7 p.m. daily. There is no entrance fee.

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  2. We love Dante, but have never been in this church either. A must do next summer! Enjoyed your post on the bridges of Florence, Karen, thanks!

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