2013 German Christmas Market-Santa Croce

Every year, the Piazza of Santa Croce hosts a German Christmas Market through the month of December.  This is one of my favorite events.  This year, the market is a little smaller, but still seems to have all of the necessities to make a wonderful market.There are booths of strudel, vin brulee (hot mulled wine), pork and sauerkraut, artisanal beers, handcrafted ornaments, handmade soaps and potpourri’s, clothing, dishtowels, jackets, scarves, and gloves.  Of course there is music in the air and a real festive spirit throughout the piazza.If you are coming to Florence in the winter, this should definitely be on your list.  It is a great place for lunch or dinner, and I visit it many times during the month to catch the spirit and drink some of that hot mulled wine!

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  1. I don’t love this market; it has the exact same things every year. If I didn’t buy “Bulgarian rose face cream” (but made with scary eastern bloc approved chemicals) or the same fuzzy synthetic slippers 4 years ago, I’m not buying it now. lol. And the hotdogs always seem to be slapped on days old bread to gnaw through. I really enjoyed the European market in S. Croce back in October much more, at least for the quality.

    • Try it again D! The huge pretzels are wonderful and so is the hot mulled wine! There are some nice wood carved Christmas ornaments and some wonderful cheeses (like English Cheddar) that you can’t find easily in Florence!

      • I happened to pass by today and I might be pleasantly surprised! lol. I am going to return when I have time maybe this weekend or next week, but I must admit, some of the stands are gone (the wonky ones) and it looked much “cleaner” and there was better stuff. Plus the pretzels looked good. I don’t recall so many versions of pretzels before. Will try again. 😉

      • I went yestersday, it’s much better than other years IMO! Good advice to try again. 😉 My boyfriend and I had a fantastic wurstel and fries and beer, despite the long wait since it was a nice day. We also had a pretzel which was ok, but i’ll go back to take a couple home to reheat in the oven and they’ll probably be even better. The stands were better aligned and seemed to offer some better-quality stuff.

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  3. looks cold in Firenze, still in the 60s in Albuquerque – doesn’t feel a lot like Christmas! I love just coming upon those markets with no knowledge they are in town – so many wonderful surprises in Florence!

  4. Looks wonderful, Karen, wish we could be there to see it. Earlier this year we were planning a trip to Tuscany at Christmas because of the low airfares, but it just didn’t work with our schedule. We’ll look forward to it when we move there!

  5. Karen, we are thinking of coming for Christmas next year. We usually come for Thanksgiving and one of the things we love is the Santa Croce market. Does it really last throughout the month of December? We are trying to figure out what dates to come over Christmas to see the most holiday oriented events, etc. Thanks much,

    • Hi Karen. This year the market lasted from Nov 27 until Dec 18, so almost 4 weeks. Anytime you come there will be wonderful events going on! Some of them are not so easy to discover however! it takes a lot of walking the piazzas and looking around in everything that is published. Good luck! Merry Christmas and thanks for reading the blog.

      • Thanks so much for the info, Karen. I am really getting excited about spending the holiday there next year. We always love every second we spend there. Have a wonderful Christmas and thanks again…

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