All Decked Out for Christmas

Florence is even more beautiful at Christmas. The streets are decorated with lights unlike any I have ever seen. They span across the entire narrow street and there are many different varieties. There are Christmas trees in several locations and markets every where.
The weekends are really busy with shoppers from surrounding villages coming into Florence for the weekend festivities. Tourism this time of year is surprisingly good, but nothing like the hoards of crowds in the summer. No snow this year so far in Florence. It is unusual, but we had some last year. The festive atmosphere is definitely here for the Holidays.

3 Comments on “All Decked Out for Christmas

  1. Karen, thank you for posting your pictures and comments to FB. The Christmas season in Italy is truly magical! Buon Natale, Monie

  2. Cara Karen,
    Buon Natale, Buone Feste e Buon Capodanno. Thank you for keeping ‘il Spirito Italiano” alive! I look forward to many happy moments reading your blog nel Anno Nuovo… Ciao, Ciao / Giovanni – San Francisco

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