Certificato di Residenza

On the document list, so far I have my codice fiscale and permesso di soggiorno. The next on the list is the certificato di residenza. The codice fiscale is a tax id and easy to obtain. The permesso di soggiorno is my permission to stay in the country for one year, and the certificato di residenza allows me all the privileges of an Italian resident. It will allow me to open a bank account and get health insurance through the national plan.

I actually found out about this document when I tried to open a bank account. It’s a good thing too, because I also need it to retrieve my household goods that are being shipped. According to the information I read on the internet, I needed to go to the Commune di Firenze, and fill out an application. I needed my permesso, and a copy of my codice fiscal.

The Commune is in the Palazzo Vecchio, and I traveled there early one morning. When I got there, there was the usual “take a number” system going on, so I took a number and waited about 10 minutes. When I spoke to the clerk, she started looking on the computer for my name, so I thought maybe she was cross referencing it from the Permesso…could 2 government agencies actually be sharing information?

When she did not find my name, she asked me if I had made the application yet. I told her that I had not; this was my first trip to the Commune. She told me I had to go to another office, located about a mile away, to make the application. Now having dealt with the Italian government and the document situation, I am learning not to get my expectations high that things are going to go as expected. I went straight to the other office. At this office, I got to take another number, and when my number was called, I saw a clerk who gave me the application, but said I would have to come back when it was completed, and to bring a copy of my passport, permesso, and codice fiscal.

I completed the application, obtained the appropriate copies and went back to the office again. Another number, waiting again, only 15 minutes. The clerk gave me an appointment for December 27th at 8:30. At that time, I am to return to the same office, with the same paperwork.

I returned on December 27th, at 8:30, and was promptly seen, and awarded the certificate! This is a temporary receipt as there will be an onsite visit to insure that I live and that I live alone. I will receive the official card in the mail in about 3 months. In the meantime, this receipt is my ticket to opening a bank account and obtaining my health insurance!!

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  1. Karen-Does this mean that you cannot open a bank account without this document? I hadn’t read this anywhere else-yikes! I better get started with the prerequisites. Thanks for describing the process-I think it will save me some valuable time-though once retired (which I can’t imagine) that’s what I’ll have plenty of–valuable time!


    • Yes, you can’t open a bank account without the certificato de residenza. I have the receipt, but not the real thing yet, and that suffices for the document. They told me it would take about 3 months to get the actual document.

      • Actually, you can. There are special bank-accounts for “foreigners”. But the bank-fees you pay for them are higher than for “domestic” accounts. But you can always change it later.

  2. Do you know if a receipt for application for the permesso di soggiorno is enough to start the application for the certificato di residenza?

    The reason I ask is the permesso di soggiorno oftens takes many months to receive, and apparently I need the certificato di residenza to purchase a car. I am only staying for one year, and it seems by the time I can buy a car, it is too late.

    • Hi Trent,

      I don’t know the answer to that question, sorry. You should also check into buying auto insurance which I also understand is an issue without residency. Sorry. good luck with it and thanks for reading the blog. Karen

  3. I have a valid visa 365 days validity ( class D) but the problem is I go home to my country (philippines). can i apply again a visa or extend it?
    hope anyone can answer my questions..and email me to carlson.aberin2000@gmail.com..

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