The Yellow Bar-A Restaurant

Via Proconsolo, 33 r Firenze, Italia
The Yellow Bar, is in a convenient location, but off the beaten path. It’s a great place for a quick lunch or a nice dinner. It is located between the Duomo and The Bargello on via Proconsolo . You will notice the yellow ball lights outside when you approach. From the Duomo, it is on the right side of the street, next to the Hotel Cavour.,+via+PROCONSOLO+33,+firenze,+italia&sll=41.442726,12.392578&sspn=12.380827,35.507813&ie=UTF8&hq=the+yellow+bar,&hnear=Via+del+Proconsolo,+33,+50122+Firenze,+Toscana&ll=43.771915,11.257939&spn=0.005826,0.017338&z=16
The dining room is more modern, and larger than most in Italy, yet still charming. The walls are stucco, with dark ochre and terra cotta hues. The ceilings arched with exposed brick. They have il forno al legno, which means a wood oven, which is most important when seeking the best pizzas. The prices are reasonable. There is no cover charge, but a nominal charge for service. (about 10% of the bill).

There is a large menu with the usual courses, of antipasti, primo, secondo, insalata e contorni, and pizza. They serve fresh pastas, and you can even get a grilled hamburger. I don’t know what that is like, but you rarely see it on a menu. All of the other items are typically Italian, and the menu is easy to understand with the more difficult items outlined in English. Beware, there are no chicken dishes, and the fish is limited to pasta sauces, such as Spaghetti alla vongole ( with clams), frutti di mare (seafood) e polpo (octopus).

The pizzas are large, very thin crust, delicious and reasonably priced. You might think that it is too large for one person, but because the crust is thin, and the toppings not overwhelming, one person can usually eat an entire pizza, unless you want to try some other dishes and share them all. If you want Vino della casa, you must ask for it. I did not see it on the menu, but ordered a ¼ ltr, which cost 2.8 euro and was delicious. This was a better value than the glass of Chianti offered on the menu for 3.50, as a ¼ litre is a little more than a glass.
I went with the Pizza margherita con grana e rucolo, which is a margherita pizza with parmesan and arugula.


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  1. I would like to make a reservation for 2 people on 8 July at 12:30. Is this possible?

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