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The church of Santa Maria del Carmine is located in San Frediano, in Oltrarno. You can visit the church for free, but to enter the famous Brancacci Chapel you will have to pay a fee. This chapel is sometimes called the Sistine Chapel of the Renaissance because of the cycle of painting and the influence it had on the period.

Pietro Brancacci commissioned the chapel in 1386, and called on Masolino di Panicale to do the frescoes. Masolino requested his young student Massacio assist. Masolino was called to Hungary by the king to do some work, and when he returned Massacio had been given the commission and Masolino was learning from his former student.

Massacio was called to Rome and died there at the age of 27, and Fillipino Lippi completed portions of the chapel. This is really amazing and worth the small entrance fee of 6 euro. The door is to the right of the main entrance to the church.

I have talked a lot about driving in Italy, but not much about parking which might even be more frustrating and one of the main reasons for not driving. There are lots of parking restrictions and permits required in most places and it is very easy to get a ticket. That however doesn’t stop people from being very creative when they find a legal spot. I don’t know if how they parked is legal, but it seems to be prevalent! You can’t say Italians don’t have a creative streak for most everything!


Having recently visited Santa Croce and had the pleasure of having a guide to take us into some of the lesser know chapels; I discovered something that just thrilled me! The chapel is located to the left of the altar and is not always accessible to the public. In this chapel is a sculpture by Lorenzo Bartolini, The Tomb of Princess Zofia Czartoryski Zamoyska (Warsaw, 1778 – Florence, 1837).

The delicacy of this work of Carrara marble is incredible with its folds in the fabric and detailed draping of the coverlet over the body.
This royal family was responsible for starting the first art museum in Poland, the Czartoryski Museum in Krakow. One of the most important pieces of their art collection is Leonardo DaVinci’s The Lady With the Ermine, which I saw on my trip to Krakow a couple of years ago!
I just love it when I find fabulous connections between pieces of art that I have seen in a variety of places! Both of these pieces are memorable on their own. I hope you get a chance to see them both. You can see more about my visit to the painting in Krakow on my blog here.