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My good Italian friend Franca gave me this recipe! I’m not really a baker because I don’t like to measure things. When I learned to cook in the USA of course we use cups and tablespoons, and ounces, etc. It’s not like that in Italy, so I practically had to relearn how to cook. First of all they use the metric system (Didn’t I learn it in about 5th grade because we were going to change over…what happened?). They weigh all of the ingredients, so I had to buy a scale. Of course I have to convert the temperature of the oven to Celsius as well.
I am giving this recipe to you in Italian. I hope you take the time to translate and convert because it is an easy and wonderful recipe! You only have to do it once, and then write it down for future reference. This is the best Apple cake I have ever had! It’s so moist and delicious and really easy, once you figure out the right proportions! One tip that I figured out that I will share with you. Mix everything except the apples in one bowl and then pour over the sliced apples in a larger bowl to mix well. Oh, I also added some cinnamon to the recipe.



120 g. farina
5/6 mele golden tagliate a fettine piuttosto sottili
100 g. burro
50 g pinoli
50 g. uvetta da tenere in mezza tazza di latte
3 uova ( intere)
La scorza di 1 limone
150 g. di zucchero ( meglio se di canna) e un mini pizzico di sale.
1 bustina di lievito
Imburrare e infarinare una teglia versare il composto e cuocere per circa 45 min. a 180/190 g°.
I took it to Thanksgiving Dinner yesterday and it was a real hit! Have fun cooking like an American in Italy!

Of course Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Italy. It is an American holiday (and also Canadian in October) where thanks is given for the harvest. In Italy they have their own abundant set of holidays and this day is just another normal day. Usually I am at my Art History class in the morning. This year, Ben and I are invited to celebrate Thanksgiving with a dear friend’s family and for that we are grateful. This will be the first Thanksgiving I have celebrated here, and Ben’s first Thanksgiving ever.
Of course on Thanksgivings past I have always spoken to family members who gather together in a variety of groups across the United States to celebrate and they always include me in their well wishes. I am thankful for that. There are so many things to be grateful for on a daily basis, and I try to recognize my blessings more often than just this one day, but it is nice to have this special day of reflection to really take in everything that life has given.
I like to take this day to say Grazie della cuore (Thank you from my heart) to all of my readers who consistently follow my blog, make comments, and refer others. The blog is one of my most satisfying accomplishments and gives a lot of meaning and focus to my life here in Florence. Sharing it and hearing from others how they enjoy it makes me warm and fuzzy inside! I have met so many wonderful people on line and in person as a result of my blog and that was definitely an unexpected outcome which I treasure.
If you are planning a trip to Florence in the future, this week is a wonderful time to come. Although Italians don’t celebrate the holiday, there are restaurants and expat groups who do have Thanksgiving Day dinner celebrations. Everything is opened and the tourist crowd is very low, the Christmas lights are going up, and the weather, while sometimes rainy is still not too cold! Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ve really been on an “ethnic food” kick lately, seeking out all types of different food in Florence. This place has wonderful Lebanese food! Although the service can be a bit “iffy”, it’s worth it! They have incredible hummus, falafel, kebabs, and shawarma, to name a few.

The lunch menu is unbelievably reasonable and the restaurant décor is elegant. I have only eaten here for lunch and it is scarily empty. I guess if you are a tourist visiting Italy, you want to eat Italian food. If you are a resident or need a taste of something different, try it!

It is located in the Santa Croce area in a small side street at Borgo Santa Croce, 11. They are opened Monday through Saturday for lunch from 12-3 and dinner 7-12.