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I had tea at the St. Regis at Christmas time with friends, and we promised to do it more often. We went this Spring for a special occasion, and it was just as wonderful as ever! The St. Regis changes the décor in the dining room to match the season. We were on the tail end of the winter months and it was really lovely.




Of course, the tea, and accoutrements were scrumptious and they even made a special treat for me to celebrate. High Tea at the St. Regis or some nice hotel near you makes a wonderful gift! It is so much fun to sit in such elegant surroundings with friends and enjoy wonderful teas and treats!


Recently, from March 13-19, the tower of the Palazzo Vecchio was illuminated with red lights which shined like a beacon throughout the city. This display of red is for the Syrian situation. Florence, the first city in Italy, united with other cities internationally like London, Washington, Madrid, Paris, Dublin, Brussels, and Boston.
Four years of war have resulted in over 220,000 deaths in Syria. “We call on world leaders – said Roberto Barbieri, chief executive of Oxfam Italy – to act quickly to encourage a political solution based on human rights, protect civilians and strengthen the humanitarian response.”

It’s easy to overlook places when there are so many to choose from, and there are several places around the Piazza Santo Spirito. If you want a great low cost aperitivo, go to Cabiria. It has a small terrace outside, a small narrow front room, and a larger room near the back. Usually crowded, they have an 8 euro aperitivo which can do for dinner. Lots of salads and fresh pastas, and sometimes even slices of rare roast beef, the choices change regularly through the night.

The aperitivo runs from 7-9:30 and they are located on the right side of the Piazza as you are facing the church at 4R. Also a favorite with the locals!