Via Tournabouni is one of the premier shopping streets in Florence housing the likes of Salvatore Ferragamo, Pucci, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany’s, and more.

It travels from Ponte Santa Trinita into the city center, pass Palazzo Strozzi and on towards via Panzani/via de Cerratani that runs between the Duomo and the train station. Between Ponte Santa Trinita and the intersection of via delle Vigna Nuova, they have pedestrianized the street and the area where the Column of Justice stands in front of the Church of Santa Trinita and it is now a beautiful piazza in its own right!.

Previously there was traffic and a taxi stand surrounding the column, and an iron barrier. That has been removed making space for a seating area, and the stone benches along the front of the Palazzo Bartolini Salimbeni are the perfect place to sit and people watch. The Santa Trinita Bridge in the distance with its wonderful statues of the 4 seasons is visible from this vantage point.
Occasionally one of the street musicians performs here making the stroll down this beautiful and well lit street very romantic. One of my favorite places for a nighttime stroll or bike ride!

Mercato Sant’ambrogio is a smaller more locally used market similar to Mercato Centrale. I really prefer it, but it is a ways from my house. I love my trips there, even though I don’t go there often. When I do go, I want to buy everything! There is such a wide selection of fruits and vegetables, olives, cheeses, flowers, clothes, house wares, etc I go for the vegetables.

Since my diet consists of mostly fruits and vegetables, I always want the best. I have commented often on the difference in fruits and vegetables between here and those that I ate while living in the States on the East coast and even down South in Tennessee. They just aren’t the same, but you really have to taste it to believe it!

Here are my purchases for one week…well, they will last almost a week. Yummy! Aren’t they beautiful?

In Italy, you will see Pinocchio everywhere. It is a popular item at souvenir shops and throughout the area. One day while walking, I spotted this commemorative sign for the writer of Pinocchio. At this location, Carlo Collodi wrote the story of Pinocchio in 1881 and the plaque is for the 100th anniversary.

The version of Pinocchio that American’s know is usually the one of Walt Disney which is much different than the original story. Walt Disney made Pinocchio very innocent, when in reality (or at least the reality of the book, he was not).

I am daily amazed and in awe of the magnificence of cultural arts that have taken place in Florence.